Haystack creates a Beef Jerky line

Chilidawg’s Foods of Fire came to us with a delicious batch of fiery Beef Jerky seeking  a name and label architecture. Chilidawg's most loyal consumers demanded they created a beef jerky, so they did. We created a simple sticker label for the first run of product and plan to revisit the packaging and opening experience as it spreads across middle america.

Get your fix here, http://www.chilidawgs.com/other-products/dawghouse-beef-jerky 


Mission inspired Bed & Breakfast Branding

We were thrilled to receive this project as it was a unique and inspiring establishment. Built in 1958 - The Phoenix, AZ establishment had been designed by a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright, so it gushed with mission style touches. The owners expressed their love for the lantana flowers that surrounded the establishment and wanted them incorporated in the mark in some way. 

Researching further, we found the Lantana flower was surprisingly geometric in it's natural form. We thought "What if Frank Lloyd Wright constructed a Lantana flower?" This lead to an exploratory of radiant patterns with a mission style influence, see our process below. 



Chilidawg's Pepper Jellies

A label as unique as the name.  

Chilidawg’s Habañero Pepper spreads, are a unique pairing of natural sweet flavor with a hard bite of heat at the finish. Names such as “Strawbanero” called for a unique appearance to match its name. We always felt that reading the unique flavor names made us tilt our heads to the side like a dog would in curiosity. This inspired us to create a tilted angle for all labels to rest on. This customized, personal touch not only differentiates on shelf, but has quickly become an easy brand identifier to consumers and important brand asset.