We first met with Jake Platt, the owner of Northwest CrossFit to discuss the need for a large 27ft wall graphic that told the story of a member for his new location in Seattle, Interbay location. Northwest CrossFit has four locations in Seattle area (Ballard, Bellevue, Greenlake and Interbay) and has been vote in the top 10 of CrossFit gyms in America. 

With some research on the CrossFit industry and understanding more of Jake's vision for NWCF, there was no denying that the current brand was falling short by not capturing the story behind the company and it's thriving community. We then re-scoped the project to rebrand Northwest CrossFit and design the interior space of the new Interbay location. 

A BRAND FORMED AROUND A COMMUNITY. We quickly went to work on building a story for the brand, tapping in to all our resources. We met with multiple NWCF coaches and members, chatted with close friends about how they got into CrossFit, reading up on blogs and attended events. This helped us understand the world of CrossFit, the motivators, benefits and contagious culture behind the workout. This all led to defining characteristics for the Northwest CrossFit brand .


Confident, Supportive, Specialized, Resilient & Community

BUILDING A STORY. Through our exploratory of concepts, we quickly gravitated to the shape below. Attracted to it's dynamic qualities, feeling right for the industry and more importantly how it started to tell a story.

  • Regional: reinforces NW part of name
  • Speaks to Ups and Downs (workout & life)
  • Upward slope = Excelling and achievement
  • Mimicks heart rate pulse
  • Ownable
  • Versatile shape: can morph and adapt to variety of formats/products.


REGIONAL AND RESILIENT. The new brand identity for NWCrossFit tells the story of ups and downs people go through, both in work out and life. Additionally, the mountain shape symbolizes the regional aspect and the strong community that exists within all gyms.



A brand manifesto.

To further extend the personality of Northwest CrossFit. A rally cry for the coaches and members to connect and stand behind.


A campaign around their community.

A symbol to represent the pride and attitude of the people.


A 27ft. wall that tells the story of the member.

A Welcome Wall

The first thing you see when you walk in the new Interbay gym in Seattle. We introduced raw materials like wood and steel at Interbay to compliment new drywall that existed in areas of the gym. 

Photography by  Mike Folden 

Photography by Mike Folden 

Custom type treatment

DEFINING A VISUAL LANGUAGE. The pos/neg relationship that exists in the NWCF brand identity is a unique asset and visual style that we implemented throughout portions of the business that were needing large emphasis, like labeling each gym with their own typographic style. 

Photography by  Mike Folden

Photography by Mike Folden

An ongoing relationship

We continue to serve as a brand consultant for NWCF and have plans to redesign the other 3 locations here in Seattle.