Since 1988, Organic Valley brand has had the vision to bring the highest quality organic dairy and produce to market before there was an organic market. (To give you an idea, these first farmers wrote the initial draft of the USDA organic guidelines.) 30 years later and still going strong, Organic Valley co-op continues to grow and continue their mission of sustaining American family organic farming for generations to come. With a vision like this, who wouldn't want them to succeed?

Organic Valley approached Haystack Studios to develop the first organic filtered milk brand packaging. Packing a punch with 50% more protein, 45% more calcium, and 50% less sugar per serving than regular milk and lactose-free, it is the only organic version on the market. Our challenge was to name the sub brand and communicate that it is a premium offering at a price point accessible enough for everyday drinking. The packaging called for a balance of personality and function to quickly disrupt and showcase key benefits at point of sale. We also wanted to have a little fun. Luckily, the team at Organic Valley did too. The result is a vibrant, energetic pack that sparks curiosity and delight, and communicates the message of "Small Farms Doing Big Things."

We're excited for Organic Valley and their continued success. Find it now exclusively at Whole Foods.