Debt is crushing on so many levels. It’s often an urgent, all-hands-on-deck situation. Or one that makes you stick your head in the sand. Spending time understanding the state of mind, occasions with our customers helped further inform and define Solvable's position in the market.

When Solvable approached Haystack Studios about a brand redesign, their goal was to reach more people through a trust-worthy, no-nonsense, established looking brand design system. “We have to be that instant sigh of relief as the first impression” says Wade Schlosser, Solvable CEO.


Our work started with facilitating a brand strategy workshop where we uncovered core values and along with what makes them different from everybody else. It was one of our most memorable brand workshops where the team was hungry for change and maintained an open mind together. We walked away with a plethora of marked up poster paper notes that served as some juicy spring board material, all used to inform our design process.

The name Solvable provided a terrific foundation for us to build from. Triggering thoughts like: this is doable, it’s possible, doable, encouraging, initiating, gives hope and confidence. To compliment that, we believed a highly legible word mark was a necessity - to ensure we leveraged the name best. We chose to build from a serif type face, where it felt more studious and credible. The addition of the period adds the finality piece – which speaks to the end goal for both parties, eliminate debt for good.

The tagline “You deserve to be debt-free. Period." brings empathy into the conversation, while instigating the mentality it takes to conquer it together.