Roverlanding Expedition is a small US-based team of Land Rover enthusiasts who enjoy global adventure-based exploration in their vintage Land Rover Defenders. When the team started planning their first overlanding adventure – a 10,000 mile trek to Alaska – there was such a ground swell of support from fellow Land Rover enthusiasts, adventurers and sponsors, they needed to formalize their vision into a brand identity, so they immediately turned to Haystack Studios. With a focus on adventure, discovery and camaraderie, we created a brand mark that not only captured the essence of the team but also designed a system that was extremely flexible to use on a cadre of communications: from social media and vehicle graphics to uniforms and swag given to their fans worldwide (even their shotguns were etched with a Roverlanding Expedition logo). While providing a unified look and feel to the brand, the Roverlanding identity is as distinctive as each of their expeditions and destinations.